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* Weezylord Please help me to create a forum,logo nd updates
2016-08-08 10:53 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Weezylord WELCOME TO SUBSKIDWAPCreate a file for ur forum. In it, click on add block>social>Discussions/Forum and set up the necessary settings and save..
For the logo, i created mine on!
Copy below for the site updates and change the YOUR-URL
<div class="hijau" class="rmenu" align="center"><div style="background-color:Mediumblue;"><font face="comic sans" size="30" color="yellow">SITE UPDATES<img src=" icon.gif"></img></font></div></div>

<div align="center" style="background-color: #1F0457; border: 1px dotted white"><br><img src="" alt="" /><b style=color:lime;>Bookmark This Site With GURUWAP MOBILE APPLICATION For Easier Access, Download For Your Device Now</b><br/><a href="http://YOUR-JAR-URL"><b style=color:white;>Jar</b></a><b style=color:lime;> • </b><a href="http://YOUR-URL"><b style=color:white;>Apk</b></a><b style=color:lime;> • </b><a href="http://YOUR-BMK-URL"><b style=color:white;>Bmk</b></a><b style=color:lime;> • </b><a href="http://YOUR-URL><b style=color:white;>Opera</b></a><br></div><br/>

<div align="center" style="background-color: #1F0457; border: 1px dotted white"><br><img src="" alt="»" /><b style=color:lime;>Click </b><a href="http://YOUR-URL"><b style=color:white;>HERE</b></a><b style=color:lime;> To Search and Download Applications, Games, Themes, Wallpapers, Cliparts, Animations, Videos, Php Scripts, Zip files, Handlers, Prov files, etc. for Java, Symbian, Android, Computer, Windows phone and China mobile.</b><img src="" alt="»" /><br></div>

<div align="center" style="background-color: #1F0457; border: 1px dotted white"><br><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="»" /><b style=color:lime;>Android Files Added, Click On</b><a href="http://YOUR-APPLICATION-URL"><b style=color:white;> Applications</b></a><b style=color:lime;>,</b><a href="http://YOUR-GAME-URL"><b style=color:white;> Games</b></a><b style=color:lime;>,</b><a href="http://YOUR-THEME-URL"><b style=color:white;> Themes</b></a><b style=color:lime;> And</b><a href="http://YOUR-WALLPAPER-URL"><b style=color:white;> Live Wallpapers</b></a><b style=color:lime;> To Start Downloading</b><img src=""/><br></div>
<br />

Copy code
Duplicate to form new ones!
2016-08-08 11:40 (Edited by 2016-08-09 04:02 Subskid ) · reply · (0)
* Weezylord * Subskid Please can u create one for me with weezyboywap cuz i tried but i couldnt download so help. Also please give me code for that welcome to and also that joining my forum
2016-08-09 22:28 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Weezylord To create a forum is easy...just login in to ur wapsite and click on filebrowser,then create a file name forum and follow the tutorials i gave you before
copy below for "welcome to"
[b][size=50]WELCOME TO[/size][/b]
Copy code
you can change it to any size of urs!
if u find creating forum difficult, send me ur login details via mah inbox leme help u!
2016-08-09 23:52 (Edited by 2016-08-09 23:57 Subskid ) · reply · (0)
* Weezylord * Subskid The welcome is not working, please create a logo for me,code to reduce my border nd code for that click here to join my forum stuff
2016-08-10 01:13 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Weezylord Try using dis
<center><div style="background-color:brown;"><font face="comic sans" size="50" color="red">WELCOME TO</font></div><center>
Copy code

is it my homepage logo type dat u nid?...drop ur page url where the border is located leme take a look
for forum, copy below!
<div align="center" style="background-color: #1F0457; border: 1px dotted white"><br><img src="" alt="»" /><a href=""><b style=color:lime;>Click To Join The WEEZYBOYWAP Forum; Get All css, wml, html, html5, xhtml Codes and Scripts; Also Coding Help for Wapka, Xtgem, Php, Wordpress and Blog; Mobile Tips and General Tutorials are Also Provided...</b></a><img src=" icon.gif" alt="" /><br></div>
<br />

Copy code
next time, try asking it 1 after d oda!
2016-08-10 03:12 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Weezylord Copy ur logo @
2016-08-10 22:34 (Edited by 2016-09-10 12:58 Subskid ) · reply · (0)
* Weezylord * Subskid Help me create a logo like ur own
2016-09-10 00:03 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Weezylord Copy ur logo at link i posted b4
2016-09-10 11:03 · reply · (0)
* Weezylord * Subskid The link is not working because it is not clickable, please how can i get that +thank you for visiting guruwap forum+ stuff?
2016-09-10 12:27 · reply · (0)

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