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* Keyarn Iam using jcms style sheet bt hw can i add div class to my quotes or funny trival
2016-08-10 22:53 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Keyarn There are many div class in jcms like phdr, bmenu, rmenu, merah, hijau, bbcode...so to add the div class, try using
<div class="phdr">UR-CONTENT</div>
Copy code

Note:u can change phdr to any of d class i mentioned above!
2016-08-10 23:02 (Edited by 2016-08-11 02:19 Subskid ) · reply · (0)
* Keyarn * Subskid Ok nw tell me hw posibly u upload games,app without direct upload because i know it is nt direct upload plz help me
2016-08-11 03:09 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Keyarn Just know the url of the game or app, then go to d folder u want to upload the file, click on upload file, go down to were u see upload via remote server input d game or app url and click on ok
Note: mark d box there in other to bring u back to d uploading menu for more uploads!
Now try to upload this image via the steps i gave you
Copy code
2016-08-11 04:28 · reply · (0)
* Keyarn * Subskid Thank.more help plz i upload weezywap full page.but hw can i remove his name and put my own
2016-08-11 07:14 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Keyarn Are you using mobile phone or pc?
2016-08-11 09:02 · reply · (0)
* Keyarn * Subskid Am using mobile phone
2016-08-11 10:18 · reply · (0)
* Subskid * Keyarn It will be beta to use pc cuz of its large textbox content
U can try with ur phone, But opera mini fp mod is preferable
Then click on the file, wen it opens, scroll down to open in code editor and click on it then do your editings and save
Note:the code editor will be hanging cuz of the use of mobile phone and is only ment for wapmasters expert because wrong inputs or deletes of code will render the page useless!
But i will advice you to request any code you need from the page here!
2016-08-11 11:47 (Edited by 2016-08-11 11:52 Subskid ) · reply · (0)
* Keyarn * Subskid Ok i need code 4 games plz
2016-08-11 20:36 · reply · (0)
* Keyarn * Subskid Ok i need code 4 games plz
2016-08-11 20:36 · reply · (0)

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