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»XtGem Site Building Codes
Note:Install the widgetsfrom the xtgem market before posting to your site. Also checkout for the XtGem mobile version tutorial and reference Here
 Xt Eight Ball Widget
+Xt Exchange Rate Widget
+Xt Facebook Like Widget
+Xt Filecounter Script
+Xt Filelist Code
 Xt Gallery Code
 Xt Google Search
 Xt Gradient Text Maker
 Xt Guest-book Script
 Xt IP and Host Script
 Xt Include File Script
+Xt Last Modified Script
 Xt Like Dislike Widget
 Xt Love Meter Widget
 Xt Magic Table Script
 Xt Microsoft Translator
+Xt Qr-Code Script
+Xt Quotes Of The Day
 Xt Random Photo
 Xt Rating Script
+Xt Search Files Script
 Xt Search My Files Script
 Xt Site Search Script
 Xt Smilies Code
+Xt Time Function
+Xt Twitter Follow Script
+Xt Url Function
+Xt Url Referer Script
 Xt Visitor Counter
 Xt Weather Script
 Xt YouTube Embed Video
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